Monday, July 4, 2011

Hard Days

Been a couple of hard days… If you guys remember, Sophia fell off our bed a week ago; ever since she’s been sleeping in her crib. Well, this situation hasn’t been going so well. I’ve gone back to the newborn days. She wakes up every 3hrs crying as if someone was torturing her {which tortures me, it kills me to hear her cry}. I’m learning how to tough it out {almost in tears every time} and not give in to picking her up and take her to bed with us {shouldn’t of co-slept in the first place, yeah… don’t judge me}. Anywho, I believe that this is making her feel like I’m going to leave her every time I step out of the roomL It’s been so bad that I even have to take her with me when I gotta go take care of business {restroom}. I know this is just a phase that we will overcome pretty soon {sigh} and this is only the beginning of phases, right? :P

Pee-pee with an audience

napping with mumma


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