Friday, July 1, 2011

9 months

I can’t believe you turn 9 months today my Little Lady! Gosh, you’re growing up so much. This month you have reached huge milestones! You are now crawling, you eat chicken, turkey and anything you can get your hand on (not good Sophia!)Had your first Miso soup, tags and the tv control remote are your favs things to bite.  You can stand up w/out holding onto anything for 2min. You love cuddling with mummy in the mornings. You love to play rough with Daddy and bite him. You’re scared of your stuffed animal Eeyore (you’ve warmed up to him though). You really dislike your cousin's dog “Lady”. There is nothing in this world that entertains you more than crawling to the tv stand and make a mess with your Daddy’s video games and movies. You now run (literally) on your walker. This month you believed for a second you could fly and fell of mommy & daddy’s bed L (you now sleep in your crib)

 WOW! Stop growing up so fast little mummas! We love you so much my baby; We thank God every day for trusting us w/ your life. Mommy and DaddyADORE you:*.

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