About Me

·         I’m a 27 yr old first time mama·         I love to shop and make my surroundings pretty.·         I have a serious ‘shopping for Sophia addiction’·         I’ve developed a deep love for photography (trying to learn a little everyday)·         I’m currently obsessed with Vintage EVERYTHING ·          It doesn’t matter where you’re at, but with whom you’re with.·         Love anything that has to do with make-up, fashion, and crafts.·         I want to learn how to sew ·         I’m the biggest dork you’ll ever meet .·         Motherhood has taught me to appreciate everyone around me and show my appreciation to those I love.·         I’m stubborn, loyal and a bit of a hypochondriac, there is nothing a hate more then condencending ppl ·         Target can be considered my second home..lol·         I love shopping online and finding savvy deals (im very good at it by the way)·         Motherhood is the best thing that could have ever happened to me!
Welcome and Stay a while!