Monday, August 1, 2011

10 months

Seems like I was posting your 9 months just yesterday my lil’ mama. Might be because you are so much fun now {not that you weren’t before, but you are doing so many things now} Here are some of the many things you do: you love to tell Daddy Ne, Ne, Ne {your version of no,no,no} when he tackles you down on our bed, you love to crawl all over the house after me. You keep on sharing your snacks with Bella {dog} by the way; you get very excited when it’s time for your yogurt melts {your fave}, you now know when you are up to trouble! You turn around and look at me with a little smirk:P you ate black beans for the first time {you really liked them} but you were gassy all day long,lol :) you love pool dates my tiny mermaid! 
There are not many things you dislike {your too outgoing baby girl, mummy loves that} The blender seems to still bother you, you truly dislike you play and pack now a days, you hate when I take things away from you, especially when it comes to the tv remote
                           Your just too awesome baby girl! Mumma loves you!

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