Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 month vaccines

Today Sophia finally got her 6 month vaccines. Yeah… she’s already 7 months and 17 days old to be exact. I waited this long because I felt  confused and didn’t know if giving her this round of shots all at once would be the best thing to do. I have heard so many bad things about 6 month vaccines and autism that it made me nervous to just go with the flow and not do some research of my own before making a decision. I never thought I would be that weird parent that believes all those misleading stories, but when it comes down to my baby, I will always choose to be safe than sorry.  So today was the big day and she was a total trooper!  A couple of tears and voila! She was back to her usual happy baby mode! I think I was the one in pain instead of her! The doctor always laughs at me by the way. Her pediatrician said she is big and healthy, she weighs 18lbs 8oz, Height 26.3 inches! AWESOME!!!
My little angel

After our peds visit, we decided to grab a bite and take the edge off… (cell phone pics suck!)

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